Our business profile

Our business profil

Welcome to Ablesee

Since over fifteen years, AbleSee creates and produces large print keyboard stickers and overlays for personal computers (desktop and laptop), office machines and industrial equipment.

For example, we offer keyboard overlays to change the language of your computer keyboard. We also create large print stickers to increase the size of the letters on the keys of the keyboard, for persons having a lazy eye problem.

Ablesee at a glance:

  • Products to change the language of a computer keyboard (French, US, Arabic keyboard stickers and more languages);
  • Low vision products: Large print stickers for keyboard of persons with lazy eye problem and visually impaired people;
  • Stickers for games: Large Scrabble letters;
  • Keyboard learning products: Keyboard stickers to learn typing on computer keyboards.

Our small but dynamic team spends a part of his time creating new products. Don't hesitate to contact us.